New Training Certification: Project COPE Instructor

Ropes Course Summer 2007
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 August 27-30: An exciting weekend: invited to obtain certification as a  facilitator for the Boy Scouts of America’s Project COPE ropes course in Sharpsburg, PA. Completing the low course and high course challenges with an 8-person team was great fun and great exercise! Practicing the facilitation skills necessary to encourage groups to play games together, overcome fears and problem-solve as a team was also a profound experience.  Then on Sunday things got even better: we were all given a special workshop on setting up the BSA’s  mobile climbing wall, which means…wait for it…I’m officially an Amusement Park Ride Operator!  Carnivals, here I come!  Thanks to the BSA and all the hard-working volunteer instructors who helped out this weekend. What a fantastic resource.    

One Reply to “New Training Certification: Project COPE Instructor”

  1. Nice to have you there this weekend. Hope to see you on the course.
    and as for you carnival certification: The whole COPE high course is a PA amusement ride not just the mobile climbing wall. Your ride down the zipline should have shown you that.

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